For your entertainment, here are links to some other excellent pinball sites. If you are leaving the Pinburgh site, please bookmark us and come back :)

Pinball Archive
The original rulesheet archive, now revived and maintained.
Pinball News
The latest industry news, game reviews, show reviews, based in the UK.
Bell Springs Pinball
Publisher of "Pinball Machine Care and Maintenance", as well as a weekly newsletter.
Mr. Pinball
Mr. Pinball restores, buys, sells, trades, and repairs pinball machines.
Steel City Pinball Association
The SCPA, based in Pittsburgh, has a long league history.
Professional and Amateur Pinball Association
PAPA ran some of the most successful World Pinball Championships during the 1990's, and those days are coming again, June 2004.
Free State Pinball Association
The FSPA, based in Baltimore MD and Washington DC, now runs three leagues simultaneously.
KME's Pinball Page
Reviews and techniques from PAPA and Pinburgh champion, Keith Elwin.
World Pinball Directory
The ultimate guide for pinball enthusiasts around the globe.
Pinball Wizards High Score Page
High scores vary from machine to machine, but this is still interesting reading for A Division players.

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updated May 21, 2003